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Global Challenge to Build Trust in the Age of Generative AI

Promoting trust by equipping governments, organisations and individuals to be resilient in the era of scalable synthetic content. 

What is the global Trust challenge?


This challenge calls upon technologists, policymakers, and others to collaborate to create and test innovative ideas to promote trust and counter disinformation generated and spread through AI.


The challenge’s end goal is to provide tangible evidence about what works and what doesn’t to yield proven, adaptable and scalable approaches worldwide.


A G7 mandate for a unique coalition

The G7 has called upon the OECD, GPAI, and other intergovernmental organisations to promote international co-operation and explore relevant policy developments and practical projects.

Join Us

Seeking sponsors and partners

The coalition is seeking new financial and in-kind sponsors but also communications and amplification partners to raise awareness about the Challenge and help recruit teams to compete. 

Challenge Process

Three Challenge Cycles

Identifying promising ideas

Open call for ideas/ candidates to submit ideas. The jury evaluates proposals. Successful participants proceed to Cycle 2.


Resources allocated to participants to develop functional prototypes. The jury evaluates prototypes. Successful participants proceed to Cycle 3.

piloting and scaling

Additional resources allocated to participants to develop pilot initiatives. Jury evaluates pilots. Prize winners selected.


Pre-Register Your Interest

Are you interested in forming a team to compete in the Global Challenge? Submit your contact details to be among the first to hear when the challenge is officially launched.